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Department is headed up by Lesley, 24-7promo have been supplying promo products to businesses for over 25 years and understand the importance of well thought of promotional products. Huge consideration needs be put in to the clients ‘End Goal’, meaning what is it clients want to achieve. It could be a evening event that requires low cost personalised novelty items fit for purpose for just the evening event and no longer. Paper Plates, Hats, Balloons, Crackers, Confectionery are perfect for this kind of event.
Promotional Merchandise is mostly supplied to clients where they want to WIN on desk, in pocket, at home or on a person’s real estate. REAL ESTATE meaning ‘Space’ the value of having your company name printed on products and given to already existing and prospective clients. Items like desktop items, diaries, pens, photo frames, note pads, usb sticks, mugs, sticky notes, calendars to name, but a few products. Success is where these items land on the very desks they were meant for.

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Fast Service is part of 24-7promo’s DNA our long standing suppliers know that response is ‘key’ the key to satisfied clients and the key that makes satisfied clients want to return. Selecting promotional products needs some creative thinking. Another reason to chat with us about your next project that requires promotional products. For more information contact or call Lesley 0800 470 4866 who would be delighted to assist.

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You can view our online catalogue on any device. Please click on the image to the right to view our online promotional products brochure and once you have decided on selections feel free to email or contact our office.

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